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Side Effects

As you're reading this page, you're probably concerned about the potential effects of using a penis pump. That's completely understandable - using any kind of device on an intimate part of your body can be intimidating, and it's important to know exactly what could happen. You may have heard horror stories about people developing Erectile Dysfunction (or similarly major damage) after using a pump, or you might just want some real information.

There's a few things to consider when it comes to penis pump side effects. Pumping isn't necessarily dangerous, but it's important to know about what can go wrong - and how to minimise any risks. 

Choosing a Safe Pump

 Unfortunately, there are a lot of unsafe penis pumps out there. Pumps work by creating a vacuum around the penis, and the level of vacuum pressure that the body can safely endure is quite limited. While any medical-grade pump keeps the maximum pressure within this limit, the vast majority of pumps are legally classed as 'adult novelties'.

In the US (and many other nations), there's practically no regulation for adult novelties. Many are made out of unsafe material, with some posing a serious risk to users. 

Adult novelty penis pumps can almost always create an unsafe level of pressure, which can have some serious effects. While pumping with an unsafe pump won't inevitably cause damage, pump users have reported issues ranging from urethral bleeding and cysts to Peyronie's Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and skin necrosis. 

The fact is, while unclassified pumps can be cheaper, they're absolutely not worth it. Even if you don't pick Bathmate, if you're going to buy a penis pump, make sure it's medically classified - and don't fall for untested counterfeits. 

Penis Pump Side Effects

Whatever kind of pump you're using, it's absolutely important to use the pump in a safe way, or you could risk some serious side effects. The recommendations are in place for a reason. Never pump for longer than suggested, don't over-pump, and we'd recommend against combining your pump workout with other techniques like hanging or wrapping. 

However, in a lot of cases, using a pump correctly can result in concerning side effects. Most penis pumps pump out air to create a vacuum around the penis, which is a lot more complicated than you might think.

Physically, air is compressible, so it doesn't act in a uniform, consistent way. Because of this, the vacuum formed when using an air-based pump is variable, applying different levels of pressure across the penis. At the same time, the expulsion of air itself can be an issue. Because of the compressible nature of air, expulsion isn't completely controllable, and can be fast enough to cause pain or damage. 

This combination of uneven vacuum and unchecked pressure is believed to be responsible for many of the severe penis pump side effects that have been reported. Some sources link the use of air-based penis pumps to the occurrence of Peyronie's Disease (unnatural curvature of the penis), along with persistent numbness, and less serious issues like pain, bruising and bleeding.

Along with the serious potential risks, using a penis pump can often result in some cosmetic issues and discomfort. These are usually temporary, and are typically caused by over-pressurisation. While we're not responsible for anything done by a non-Bathmate pump, we would recommend stopping if you're experiencing any discomfort, and consulting a medical professional if the symptoms don't fade over time. 

Bathmate Side Effects 

Because Bathmate is designed to be used in warm water, it's far safer and more consistent than any air-based penis pump (and delivers significantly better results). That might sound over the top, but you don't have to take our word for it - just ask the experts.

In a radio interview, New York-based urologist,   Dr. James Barada  explains that using Bathmate is 'more comfortable for patients': 'The negative pressure that's developed is less dramatic and so there is less risk of having discomfort or pain, or development of black and blue marks'. 

Dr. Barada isn't the only expert to notice how Bathmate cuts down on the risks of pumping, with many international urologists recommending Bathmate pumps - a medically-branded version of our pump is available through organisations like the NHS and Medicare. 

Researching the use and effectiveness of Bathmate for a recent white paper, Sarah Hewson (BSc) explains that the use of constant water instead of compressible air ensures a 'smoother and more controlled motion' and 'an even vacuum'. Hewson concludes that using Bathmate in water 'dramatically reduces any risk of injury or discomfort'.

While Bathmate is significantly safer to use than other pumps, it's still important to keep within the recommended limits - never pump for more than 15 minutes a day. 

In some cases, over-pumping or using too much pressure can result in temporary discomfort or cosmetic issues. These can include light bruising, small red dots, or fluid retention ('donutting'). If you experience these issues, or any other discomfort while/ after pumping, take a break from your routine for a few days, and try using less pressure when resuming your sessions.


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